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Times are uncertain but helping your children with pre-literacy skills before Kindergarten can set them up for greater success.

Practice Four Literacy Skills Before Starting School


Children must learn the names and sounds of the ABCs. Once they understand the connection between letters and sounds, they can begin to combine letters to form words. This is the very foundation of reading!

Teach kids the ABCs

Teach the sounds letters make

Teach kids to write their name

Read together at least 3x a week

Why is Letter Knowledge So Important?
Why talking about the letters we see all around us prepares our child to read
Everyday Moments You can Use to Teach Your Child the Alphabet
Reading Success Pathway
Make the Most of Reading Together
Want to Review the Letter Sounds?
Sing the ABC Song

Sing the alphabet song together each morning when you’re getting your child dressed. Then have them sing it while pointing at each letter of the alphabet. Here is a free printable of the alphabet you can print out and use.

Start with Their Own Name

The most meaningful letters to your child are the ones they see in their own name. Write their name everywhere you can, such as on their drink cups and backpacks, or put the letters of their name on the wall of their bedroom. It’s important for them to see the letters of their name written often.

Guess My Letter
Tell your child a letter sound and have them guess the name of the letter that matches. “The letter I’m thinking of makes the “ssssss” sound. What letter is it?”
Point Out Letters
Point to individual letters you see on cereal boxes, signs at the store or while driving and ask them to tell you what they are. Then describe the letter shape: “That’s the letter ‘p’, it has a big line and a little curve.”
Monster Mansion Letter Match
PBS Kids Paint By Letter


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