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Kindergarten | Writing Skills

How is My Child Performing in Writing?

Your child’s teacher should be able to provide samples of student work and describe whether your child is meeting the goals for writing. If you are worried that your child’s writing is not developing, schedule an appointment to meet with the teacher immediately to tell them your concerns.

Kindergarten Writing Goals

While all children develop at different rates, these are goals to help you understand how writing should be progressing during the school year. Students should be able to:

By the middle of Kindergarten

  • Write almost all lowercase letters
  • Write sounds they hear, such as “c-a-t”
  • Use finger spaces between words
  • Be able to copy a word you wrote for them
  • Hold a pencil correctly

By the end of Kindergarten

  • Write their entire first and last name
  • Write from left to right on their paper
  • Begin to spell words using “invented spelling;” they might spell the word “journal” as “drenurl”.
  • Write capital letters at the beginning of sentences and for names
  • Begin to use periods, exclamation points or question marks


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