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Kindergarten | How Can I Help My Child Improve Their Writing?

Give Them the Tools

The most important way you can help your child develop their writing is by giving them a pencil, paper, crayons and a place to write. Keep their supplies in a special basket or spot so they can grab what they need whenever the mood to write strikes them.

Encourage Drawing

Ask your child to draw a picture. Have your child describe their drawing.

Be the Family Card Maker

Have your child be the person who creates cards for special occasions. Fold a piece of paper in half and help them write a special birthday card for a family member. These activities show your child that their writing matters and someone will get to enjoy their hard work.

Write a Short Book

Kindergartners love to talk about what they know! Have them make a small book about something they like using a few folded pieces of paper. Fold two or three pieces of paper in half and ask your child to draw a picture on the cover, and help them spell a one word title, such as “Dinosaurs”. Let your child write a story or write a dinosaur fact on each page and include a drawing. Tell them that they’re an author of a real book!

Create a List

Have your child create a short grocery list for you to use at the store. Or have your child create a “to do” list for the morning. For example: Wake up, eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed. They can use words or pictures. They’ll feel responsible and see that their writing can be a great motivation for their day.

Be a Label Maker

Children delight in creating labels for objects around the house. Help them write and spell signs for doors such as the bathroom, the closet, and the chair. They won’t leave these labels on forever, but it’s a fun way for them to learn new words and develop phonics skills at the same time.

Display It

Put their writing on the refrigerator or tape it to the wall to show how proud you are. Ask your child to reread their writing so you can listen. When children make the connection that their writing is meaningful, they’ll be excited to write more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kindergarten Writing

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