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Roll It Blend It

Get your child ready for literacy through simple everyday activities and play!

Kids can learn valuable skills through small, teachable moments during a normal day. This means no grueling work sessions with flash cards, buying expensive educational toys or completing tedious worksheets!

Learning letter sounds and reading new words can be fun! Make 3 letter dice using a template on line or by using dice you have at home and adding letter to them. Make one die with vowels (a,e,i,o,u – and an extra a). Make two dice with consonants (any letter that is not a vowel). Set the dice up with the vowels in the middle. Prompt your child to roll each dice. Next say the sound each letter makes. Try to blend all of the sounds together to make one word! Keep rolling to make even more words.

Cube Pattern:


To watch this video with subtitles:

Click settings  in the lower righthand corner, next click “subtitles”, and then “English.”

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